We make products inspired by technological advancements in Engineering and Technology. Our tracking solutions help creatives keep track of their gear from the studio and beyond.

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The purpose of INVIZITRACK is to create technology-driven products that can truly bring positive changes to our user’s lives in moments most needed. Our purpose and mission below are quite aligned as they should be so checkout our mission below.



01 Make the best products and deliver a seamless service.
02 Succeed at the expense of nobody.
03 Treat our customers like family.
04 Use our voice to inspire positive change globally.
05 Give back to our community.
06 Offset our environmental impact by giving back.
07 Prioritise happiness over finances and growth.



In late 2017, was the start of something major for Philip Rochester and he did not even know it. After dabbling around the photography scene, then finally taking the plunge to invest in his beginner photography gear, this was a moment Philip never looked back on!

Equipped with his backpack of gear, girlfriend and countless destinations on the so-called ‘Bucket List’, Philip finally began ticking off each destination but slowly realised if he lost any gear or in the worst scenario if someone stole something, then a lot of hard-earned cash would go down the drain and their gear would probably be untraceable. Growing up with a competitive edge and passion for technology, Philip slowly decided to build the Tiny Tracker we all know as INVIZITRACK, the Tiny Tracker for Photographers and Filmmakers.

Initially, this started out as a side project for Philip to learn some Electrical Engineering and a little bit of programming but then Philip got hooked and realised other photographers had the same pain point when travelling with their gear. So Philip quit his job and spent 18 months meticulously designing INVIZITRACK that would bring a lot more protection and peace of mind for photographers and filmmakers to track down their gear in the event something bad was to happen.

Instead of looking for big outside investors, Philip thought it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to bootstrap the Tiny Tracker to not get ahead of himself then planned to launch the product on platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Therefore ramping up a great creative community before committing to large manufacturing volumes.

Philip at Golden Gate Bridge with Sony Camera on Tripod
INVIZITRACK Tiny GPS / Satellite Tracker



We design products that solve real problems create a sense of happiness, that looks amazingly good and can be multi-purposed in solving problems that we haven’t even listed. Every detail of our design and service process is carefully critiqued ensuring all considerations are made throughout the design and manufacturing process.



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Section to be added at a later date, further research is required and plan for giving back.


Say hello to the INVIZITRACK team.
We are a team of creatives passionate about designing and building amazing products that truly make an impact.

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